Family Heritage

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Mr. Chan Shue Nam, alias Laye, Veronica’s grandfather first came to settle in Tai O in the 1930s. He founded Sang Tai Ho, a fabric store in a typical two-storey shop-house of the era located at 60, Kat Hing Street, i.e. opposite Espace Elastique. This building with red-tiled roof and brine marked thick walls, weathered though white-washed, proudly stands beside the waterfront. It still houses furniture of the époque and many artifacts that have witnessed domestic and business life between 1930s and 50s.

The eighty-year-old house is now a graded historical building. To rejuvenate the building and in line with conservation and sustainable development, series of activities are in store.

Yi O Farm Hut and Sang Tai Ho

For some time now, Agricultural Corporation Limited has been working on idled farmland in Yi O village. Gradually, Yi O is rejuvenated and the company decides to open Yi O Farm Hut as an outlet of its organic produce. The location has been chosen not by pure coincidence, but as a result of Espace Elastique and Agricultural Corporation Limited that see eye to eye in the approach to conserve our cultural legacies. Our family heritage, the tong lau at number 60, Kat Hing Street and the Sang Tai Ho Shop that it housed are bearing witness to the evolving Tai O and in every aspect echoes Yi O's changing faces. Yi O Farm Hut aspires to connect Yi O to Tai O on one hand, and rehabilitates the property where it abides on the other.